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Насколько быстро Новитал начинает действовать? Как быстро это отразится на самочувствии и внешности?

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Mayor's push to protect pubs from neighbours by increasing penalties for the nuisance of noise

ROBERT BALDWIN: One of the ways to do that is by making it criminal.

PETER JONES: Rob Ford says he supports the idea of cracking down on noise.

MATT BRADY: You can see the impact that his speech had on our neighbourhood.

ROBERT BALDWIN: The issue comes to life when the Rob Ford campaign makes its second stop at a local pub in North York. It is the most aggressive night of the night, from 7pm to 8pm.

PETER JONES: It's been called the worst night of the year because the crowd is so big but it's all at the pub. The pub is in North York, but the crowd is in Northumberland, right?

MATT BRADY: They know the area well. They are all local, they know the town. I mean they come down at 1am and they're just shouting and banging on doors, talking rubbish.

PETER JONES: But some residents are getting the message.

JERRY BOND: I think if you're going to do this to people then you shouldn't just go from door to door at 6pm on a Wednesday. That's a lot of people who are upset by it.

ROBERT BALDWIN: We caught up with people who were present at Northumberland, where an unlicensed liquor licence is issued on one of the pub's patios.

TIM JEFFERY: I'd just heard about your party coming up.

It's just not acceptable to talk on that topic, even when other people are talking about it. It's a public-private project so if there is somebody with a right to say what they're saying then you should enforce your rights.

ROBERT BALDWIN: Rob Ford is standing for mayor of Toronto next year but says he won't go into details of his ideas. He says now that he's been re-elected he feels "as calm about it" as ever, and just wants "to spend the rest of my life helping those people who are less fortunate".

PETER JONES: Mayor, a lot of people's lives have been changed by alcohol.

ROBERT BALDWIN: I understand what you're saying, but I'm not going to get involved in this again, not today, not in a year and a half, not in a decade.

PETER JONES: Rob Ford has also said he's no fan of the crack drug crystal meth. But the drugs are cheaper in the illicit world, they're cheaper to buy and sell and the

Five to face tribunal for unlawful killing of Indian student


Former police officer Peter O'Shaughnessy has been charged with unlawful killing of an Indian student in Queensland in the 1970s.

Police allege Mr O'Shaughnessy killed Indian student Ravi Murli at a university dormitory in Brisbane in July 1978.

Ms Murli, now aged 90, was found in a Brisbane forest in 2007.

Mr O'Shaughnessy was named in the case.

Mr O'Shaughnessy was an off-duty police constable for many years before retiring from the force in 1998.

He remains on bail awaiting sentencing on four charges of unlawful killing.

The case, which Mr O'Shaughnessy says he regrets, will go before the NSW Supreme Court.

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Chudnutie býva často zamieňané s nesprávnou domnienkou, že telo treba vyhladovať. Možno sa vám tak aj podarí zhodiť, no takýto nešetrný spôsob si vyberie priveľkú daň. Nielenže sa kilogramy vrátia, ba aj znásobia, organizmus sa zároveň "prepne" do núdzového stavu. Jesť treba, dostatočne a...

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Ak sa aj napriek varovaniam rozhodnete raňajky vynechať, koledujete si o viacero problémov. Nedostatok energie, živín, bielkovín a pokles hladiny cukru v krvi vám telo bude neustále pripomínať v podobe malátnosti, únavy, spomaleného myslenia a - samozrejme - vlčieho hladu. Keďže váš organizmus bol...

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Ako by mal teda vyzerať správny raňajkový proces s cieľom schudnúť a zostať zdravý? V prvom rade by mal obsahovať vyvážený obsah bielkovín, minerálnych látok, vitamínov, vlákniny.  Ráno začnite vypitím 200 až 400 ml vlažnej vody alebo bylinného čaju, šetrne tak rozprúdite tráviaci proces....